Freedom Revival



Our Team

Our southern California team of leaders and activists are honored and excited to bring you Freedom Revival 2022. Those leaders include:

Shaun Frederickson

Citizen Activist
San Diego

Brittany Mayer

Founder, Rooted Wings
San Diego

Carmen Estel

LEXIT National Director @carmenlexitdirector Orange County

Heather Knapp

Founder, Nurses4Freedom @nurses4freedom
San Diego

Louis Uridel

Turning Point USA Ambassador & Small Business Owner @louisuridel, San Diego

Miguel Rodriguez

Owner of Fierce Communicator
Father | Author | Speaker & Worship Leader @fiercecommunicator

Michael Hefner

Founder, North County Patriots
Co-founder, We The People Coalition @m_hefner5
San Diego

Greg Abdouch

Founder, Not On Our Watch
@noow_ie San Bernardino

Melissa O'Connor

Citizen Activist @gone_to_play
San Diego

Kristin Francy

Citizen Activist
San Diego